What’s your car buying persona?

Discover your car buying type and see how you can achieve your car goals with an nlc Novated Lease.

Budgeting superstar

Budgeting superstar

You appreciate the certainty of a budget. You probably have multiple bank accounts dedicated to different expenses or use an app to track your spending. You seek to avoid budget surprises.

How we help: With a novated lease, your motoring expenses are smoothed into one set regular payment deducted from your salary, so you’ll only have one predictable amount to budget for.

Watch our short ‘budgeting made easy’ video to find out more:

Too busy to shop

Too busy to shop

You’ve always got lots going on. In the hustle and bustle, the thought of larger tasks – like shopping around for that new car on your wish list – can overwhelm and get pushed to the back-burner.

How we help: By negotiating a better new car price on your behalf, teeing up test drives, even handling your trade-in with our hassle-free service. And once your lease starts, we take care of all your automotive needs.

Watch our short ‘less life admin’ video to find out more:

The upgrader

The upgrader

You’re in the know and enjoy being the first with the latest. You’re the one your friends come to when they need a recommendation they can rely on. So, the idea of driving a new set of wheels every few years is right up your alley.

How we help: With the fleet buying power and tax savings of a novated lease, updating to a different car on the regular is made possible.

Watch our short ‘upgrade me’ video to find out more:

Smug saver

Smug saver

You’re a savvy shopper who delights in a deal. Knowing you could be paying 10% less for fuel and other car running costs than the person next to you would really count for something.

How we help: Through a novated lease, you can save the GST on your car’s running costs and use your car expenses to drive down your income tax.

Watch our short ‘smug savings’ video to find out more:


How it works

Tell me the basics

Simply want to know how a novated lease works? We break it down in this short video.

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Some common misconceptions may be tripping you up. So, let’s bust some myths!

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