Unlock the benefits of a novated lease with your existing car

With a sale and leaseback, you can unlock the cash tied up in your existing car and use it towards other expenses, such as reducing your home loan, taking a vacation or paying off your credit card.

You may have heard people talk about the benefits of a novated lease and the potential savings they can enjoy on income tax, GST and running costs.

Now you can take advantage of the same benefits with your existing car.


All expenses are wrapped up into regular payments

Enjoy tax

Novated leasing can reduce income tax

Save on running

Fuel and maintenance costs are GST-free

Convenient online

All information is updated in real time and available 24/7

How it works

  1. Upon contacting nlc, a dedicated consultant will work with you to agree on a price for your existing car.
  2. Subject to finance approval, we’ll pay you the agreed value and you can pay out any existing finance, with the remaining cash from any equity in the car to be used by you as you wish.
  3. You lease the car back through an arrangement with nlc and your employer. We’ll provide a quote including all your finance and running costs to be deducted in one regular payment from your salary.
  4. At the end of the lease, you can decide to novate a new car, pay out the residual value, sell or re-finance.

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