Get onboard with National Road Safety Week

Help to promote safer driving
The SG Fleet Group is a proud partner of National Road Safety Week (November 15-22), an initiative to promote safer driving.

Here are some suggestions for how to get involved.

Drive to work

Get your team talking

Tuesday November 17 is all about safe driving to work. A quiz could be a great interactive way to get your team involved.

This road rule quiz question posted by RACQ on Facebook shows that people love to test their knowledge of road rules – the story was picked up by 7 News as debate about the seemingly simple rule raged in the comments!

Since road rules differ by state and territory, to get your quiz questions, visit your state-based Royal Automobile Club website (e.g. RAC, RACQ, RACV, NRMA) and check out the road rules section.

Move over

Mind the flashing lights

The theme for Wednesday is ‘Move Over/Slow Down’, to protect emergency services, roadside assist and roadside workers.

Since road rules do change over time, take this opportunity to re-familiarise yourself with the road rules around law enforcement and emergency vehicles, and when approaching a road hazard such as road works, the presence of a tow truck operator or another first responder.

Go Dutch

Go Dutch

Road Safety Week reminds us that cyclists and motorcyclists are our most vulnerable road users.

It’s important to look for ways to do better at sharing the road with those travelling on two wheels. A particular daily danger for cyclists in cities is car dooring accidents, when a cyclist collides with a door that’s been opened in their path by the occupant of a parked vehicle.

One tip help avoid this is to use the Dutch Reach.

The Dutch Reach
Open the car door using the hand
that’s furthest from the handle.

This way of opening your car door forces you to look over your shoulder as you do so, enabling you to look out for any approaching cyclists.

It may take some practice to form the habit of using the opposite hand to the one you’d usually open the door with, but once you do, it’s an easy way to prevent injuries and even save lives.

And yes, it’s named after a longstanding method used in the cycle-friendly nation, where it’s taught to children in school (but where it’s not called the Dutch Reach, of course).

Drive without distraction

Commit to drive without distraction

Visit the National Road Safety Week website and take the pledge to drive in a way that makes the roads safer for everyone.

Not using a mobile phone illegally while driving is one of the key commitments.

Did you know? Most mobile phones have a ‘do not disturb while driving’ mode.

Check out these videos from Queensland Government for iPhone and Android.

And don’t forget about smartwatches, which also have a likelihood of causing distraction to the driver and therefore as a general guide shouldn’t be used while driving. Refer to state or territory road rules for detailed information relating to smartwatch usage.

Driving while tired is another area of focus, so if you needed another reason to get your 7-8 hours of sleep per day, this is a very important one. Tiredness is a problem for everyday driving as well as long distance driving. Remember, sleep is the only way to repay a sleep debt.

Is it time to upgrade to a safer car?

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