Your home expense health check

Chase those household savings

It’s easy to get complacent when it comes to regular expenses. Once the big things are set up, like energy/home insurance/internet providers – not to mention your home loan – they can feel too difficult to re-evaluate, even though deep down we know we should.

While spending a bit more time at home, why not challenge yourself to chip away at this list. The investment in a little research and few phone calls really could pay off.

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Step 1: Compare energy suppliers

The easiest way to work out if you’re getting a good deal on your electricity and gas is to head to the Australian Government’s Energy Made Easy website (or the Victorian Energy Compare website if you live in VIC). You can use the free tools to compare all the retailers and help determine whether there’s a better plan for you.

You may find there’s a cost saving for the taking with your existing provider, simply by asking if there’s a better deal available once you’ve reviewed competitor offers.

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Step 2: Understand your home loan rate

Your home loan might have had a competitive interest rate at the time you got it, but as time passes, it’s worth checking that’s still the case. Research and understand the deals in the market first, so that you know what’s a reasonable expectation. If you find you need to, have a conversation with your lender to try and negotiate a reduced rate. Given the average amount and length of a mortgage, a seemingly small discount can be hugely significant over the life of your loan. If you can’t get the result you are after, refinancing your loan with a different bank could be an option.

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Step 3: Check on your internet

If you’ve had the same internet plan for a while, it’s worth browsing around. With the introduction of the nbn network, your current provider may have a more enticing deal. Alternatively, as more internet providers have entered the market, increased competition means you’re spoilt for choice.

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Step 4: Review home and contents insurance

If you’re a homeowner, home and contents insurance is a necessity. However, you could stand to save by simply shopping around each time your policy renewal arrives.

Before obtaining quotes, read through your current policy and understand what you’re covered for to ensure you’re comparing apples with apples and getting the level of cover you need.

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Bonus tip: Tackle your tax

While you’re focussed on your financials, go the extra step and finalise your tax return early. If there’s potential for a refund, you’ll get that cash flow injection sooner. Remember, if you’ve been working from home more than usual over the past few months, there are ways to claim for additional home office expenses.

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